You made such a difference on my resume!! You caught so many things I missed, and I had a friend read it to look for errors. I can’t believe I almost sent this to an employer before going to an editor first. The difference is huge. THANK YOU ELITE EDITING!!
S. Epstein
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ESL editing and proofreading services

Even native English speakers seek editing support. If English is your second language, a second pair of eyes can help.

Submit Your Document and our ESL editing team, which specializes in English grammar help, will proofread your writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Well also help you with the more advanced aspects of the language – effectively communicating your ideas, understanding different expressions and ensuring flow.

With Elite Editing, you can feel more confident about your written English.

How does our proofreading and editing work?

We’ll send you two documents, one with changes clearly marked using the track changes tool and one clean version with all of the changes already made. This way, you can review each edit or go straight to print—your choice.
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Our ESL editing services include:

Proofreading Business Communications PRICING »

The business letter has a very particular style, tone and format. One might even call it an art. Business communications can make or break a sale as well as help maintain – and even strengthen – your business relationships. Let us proofread and edit your most important business letters to ensure that they are perfect.

Editing Class Assignments PRICING »

Our editing staff includes professors and expert academic editors who are familiar with writing and editing class assignments in all academic styles, including APA, MLA and Chicago. We have helped students from all over the world fulfill their class requirements. Let us proofread and edit your work and help improve your grades.

College Admissions Essay Editing PRICING »

Whether youre writing a personal statement or answering a specific question posed by your top college choice, writing the perfect college essay is a challenging but essential part of the competitive admissions process. Our professional editing staff is trained in ESL and ESOL writing and editing. Let our editors take your college admissions essay to the next level with our proofreading and Advanced Editing services, which include copyediting and critiquing.

Cover Letter Editing PRICING »

The cover letter is your chance to tell potential employers more about your skills, interests and background. Along with the résumé, the cover letter plays an important role in your first impression. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure your letter is error-free by having our professional editing team proofread it for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Editing Personal Correspondence PRICING »

Whether youre writing an important letter to a business associate, sending a letter of recommendation for a colleague or corresponding with a friend or family member, having an extra set of eyes proofread and edit your writing is always a good idea. Send us your document and well check it for grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation mistakes.

Résumé Proofreading PRICING »

When this one concise document is your introduction to potential employers, every word counts. Let our editors proofread your résumé to ensure that it is the best it can be.