Elite Editing was able to look at our company’s PowerPoint presentation hours before we had to present. They really came through on the deadline and really offered an impressive service.
Brooks Miller
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Proofreading and editing services for businesses

Our careful proofreading and editing services provide clear, error-free materials that let you present a professional image. Whether you’re a small business, non-profit or large corporation, your company’s messaging is key to gaining and retaining customers. Submit Your Document and we’ll help your business deliver appealing communications tailored to your target audience.

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Your business creates thousands of documents each year, many of which are repurposed by team members who’ve seen them too many times to notice common mistakes like dropped paragraphs, typos or a previous client’s company name in the text. You need the final polish that professional editing and proofreading services provide—but you don’t need the overhead of on-staff editors. Which is why you should consider Elite Editing as your on-call editing team. A contract with us means you have access to the professional editing services you need, when and only when you need them.

From the moment you say “go,” we’ll blend into your team and your process. Our business editing team specializes in editing business documents of all kinds: from the advertisement to the annual report, working with Elite Editing gives you the benefits of having a professional editor on staff, without the overhead. Additionally we offer copywriting, web copy optimization (SEO) and many other long-term customizable solutions. We fit seamlessly into your team and processes, so there’s no ramp-up time. And, the best part is, you can rest assured that your project editing is taken care of to perfection. Contact us for a free quote if you’re interested in Hiring us to be your outsourced editing team.

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Professional Editors

Business Expertise

Get editing and proofreading services matched to your project from editors who know your business—whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500.
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Get your documents when you need them, with a staff that works for you—all day, every day.
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Pay only for the editing and proofreading services you need, when you need them.
Correct editor for your document

Seamless Solutions

Put us on your team and we’ll get started right away—no ramp-up time required.

How does our proofreading and editing work?

We’ll send you two documents, one with changes clearly marked using the track changes tool and one clean version with all of the changes already made. This way, you can review each edit or go straight to print—your choice.
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Our business editing services include:

Advertorials and Advertisement Editing PRICING »

The key to effective advertising is writing smart, concise copy that is both persuasive and error-free. Elite Editings staff of experienced editors and proofreaders will help you perfect and share your message.

Annual Report Editing PRICING »

The annual report is one of the most important documents your company produces. It summarizes the years work for shareholders and potential investors. Before you go to print, make sure your annual report is error-free with our professional editing and proofreading services.

Proofreading Brochures PRICING »

The brochure may seem like a simple leave-behind, but, for a small piece, it has tremendous impact. It acts as an ambassador for new business, expressing your companys goals and offering information to potential customers in a way no other marketing piece can. Our editing team can help you craft your message as well as proofread and edit your final brochure.

Business Letter Editing PRICING »

The business letter has a very particular style, tone and format. One might even call it an art. Business communications can make or break a sale as well as help maintain—and even strengthen—your business relationships. Let us proofread and edit your most important business letters to ensure that theyre perfect.

Business Plan Editing PRICING »

The business plan is the road map for your future business – and its success. It is also a handout that you can present to potential investors, so making sure its well-written, organized and error-free is essential. A final proofread is imperative before you go to print.

Editing Grant Proposals PRICING »

Writing a grant proposal is an arduous but necessary task for most non-profit organizations. Before you submit your proposal for review, make sure its perfect by submitting it for a thorough edit and proofread.

Editing Marketing Materials PRICING »

Its important to establish a consistency of voice in your marketing materials in order to establish a consistency in your brand. Our editing team will ensure youve accomplished this by proofreading and polishing your marketing materials as a whole.

Proofreading PowerPoint Presentations PRICING »

Whether youre giving a PowerPoint presentation or printing it and leaving it as a sales piece, every slide counts. Our editors are familiar with the latest in Microsoft software and can help ensure that your presentation is seamless and error-free.

Press Release Editing PRICING »

The press release is your most direct way of speaking to the media and, in effect, to the general public. Its important to give journalists the facts while being perfectly clear about what it is you wish to publicize. Elite Editing will help you clarify your message as well as check that your press release is ready to go public.

Editing Training Manuals and Guides PRICING »

Whether writing an instruction booklet for a hi-tech device, a training manual for operational procedures or a guide to expected workplace behavior, it is imperative that every step is clearly laid out and easily understood by the widest possible audience. A final edit and proofread is essential to ensure clarity, consistency and, above all, accessibility.

Web Copy Editing PRICING »

Statistics show that the average user spends only a few seconds on any particular website. What you say—and how you say it—makes all the difference in whether or not the reader will stay or bounce to another site. Our web editors are familiar with SEO, SEM and copywriting for the web. Let us proofread, test and optimize your site and improve your results.