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The partnership between you and your editor is a central part of the publishing process. Whether you’re working on a rough draft or a final submission, need help writing a query letter or require one of the many other editing services we offer to authors, we can provide valuable editorial support that’s the final step to getting your work published.

We understand the importance of preserving a writer’s perspective. We offer a trained eye and an objective point of view to help you perfect your work while maintaining your original voice.

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How does our proofreading and editing work?

We’ll send you two documents, one with changes clearly marked using the track changes tool and one clean version with all of the changes already made. This way, you can review each edit or go straight to print—your choice.
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Our editing services for writers include:

Editing Nonfiction PRICING »

Nonfiction is writing presented as fact. Properly organizing the facts that make up your story is key to your story’s success, as is the accuracy of the information you present. Let our editors proofread and edit your final work for organization, grammar and syntax. Also, ask about our fact-checking and copyediting services and we’ll give you a free quote based on your nonfiction work.

Essay Editing PRICING »

From the personal essay to the persuasive or argumentative one, every thought in an essay must guide the reader to the final point or thesis in order for the essay to be effective. Elite Editing will proofread and edit your essay for organization and tone to ensure that it is not only error-free but also structurally sound.

Journalism Editing PRICING »

The key to strong, journalistic writing is the ability to establish a clear structure and organization as you present the facts; and additionally, you must also be able to connect the reader to the heart of the story. A thorough proofread, along with our fact-checking and copyediting services, are the final steps youll need before your piece is submitted.

Editing Memoirs PRICING »

The memoir is considered by some to be the most personal form of writing, and is therefore often the hardest to self-edit. Every writer needs a strong editorial eye to give his or her work that ever-important unbiased perspective. When your memoir is submitted to Elite Editing, well match you with the right editor and make sure that your story is in the right hands.

Manuscript Editing PRICING »

Success! Youve completed your manuscript and youre ready to publish. Now make sure the manuscript is ready by putting it in the hands of the right editing team. Our professional editing staff will match your manuscript to the right editor to ensure that your work is not just proofread, its perfected.

Editing Query Letters PRICING »

When writing a query letter, your spelling, punctuation and grammar are just as important as your lead and hook. Sloppy writing is the mark of an amateur writer. Ensure that your query letter is not only clean and concise but also error-free with the help of our skilled editors and proofreaders.

Portfolio Editing PRICING »

As a writer, your portfolio is the best way to show off what youve accomplished. A well-organized and clearly developed portfolio will lead to new job opportunities and open new doors. Our professional proofreading staff will look at your body of work as a whole and help put the final touches on your portfolio.

Article Editing PRICING »

Whether youre writing an opinion piece for your local paper or a front-page feature for a national weekly, having an extra set of eyes proofread and edit your writing is always a good idea. Send us your article and well make sure its well-written and error-free.

Fiction Editing PRICING »

If you're looking for the perfect book editor, you've come to the right place. From the short story to the novel to the childrens book, fiction is a widely popular and diverse genre of writing—and we have the editors to match. Let our editing staff take your work to the next level before you publish by giving it a thorough proofread or our more Advanced Editing services, which include copyediting, line editing, developmental editing and critiquing.