Thank you so much for your help with my writing. I was really worried about this class and this professor but your editor gave me some really good pointers and found a lot of mistakes that greatly improved my writing.

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To submit your project, simply complete our easy, Submit Your Document Form, which takes as little as five minutes. Tell us as much or as little as you want about your project, from "I'm submitting this to a publisher—make sure the ending fits," to "English is not my first language; please make sure it reads clearly."

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Whether you’re an executive giving a presentation, a grad student applying for a grant or an author submitting a novel to a publisher, we’ll match you with an editor that has relevant experience. It’s our point of difference—and why our clients submit projects to us again and again. They know their work is in the right hands.

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We proofread your project for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Find the stray typos that electronic spell checks miss. Answer your questions about usage. Consider the audience and purpose of your document. Refine and tighten wording so your thoughts are clear and compelling. Help you maintain a consistent voice and style. And comment on structure, organization and tone. The document you get back is right. Period.

Your document is returned with edits clearly marked.

All of our edits appear in the margins of your returned document. It’s easy to see our suggestions and approve or reject the change.

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