Your feedback was so helpful. My work really improved. I will definitely use Elite Editing again.
J. Sperling

Our editors and proofreaders have the
experience to match your projects.

We have a highly trained staff of editors with the skill and experience to work across many disciplines. Our staff includes professors, former managing editors and copy chiefs at major New York City institutions and expert editors who come from major magazines, newspapers, top-tier universities and Fortune 500s.

Our unique ability to match the right editor to your project is why so many people trust Elite Editing with their work. For example, if you’re an author, you’ll be matched with an editor who knows the ins and outs of the publishing world. If your organization needs editing and proofreading services for business documents, you’ll get editors with a background in your field who have worked at major corporations. If you’re a student or academic, you’ll get editors who know APA, MLA and Chicago styles.

Each of our editors:

  • Has a degree from a top-tier U.S. university.
  • Is a native English speaker.
  • Passes our patented editing and proofreading test (Trust us—it’s tough!).
  • Undergoes a rigorous training period with Elite Editing’s managing staff.
  • Is bound by a confidentiality agreement with Elite Editing to protect and keep confidential your work and personal information.
  • Brings a working knowledge of your field that’s ready to be applied to your project.

Best of all, our editors and proofreaders are available when you need them, whether it’s for a single project or on an ongoing basis.